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  • Ms Julie Uchitel
    Investigating the use of high density diffuse optical tomography (DOT) in newborns to investigate functional brain connectivity during sleep states
  • Dr Cathryn Ugalde
    Identification of pathways that may be targeted for the therapeutic treatment of neurodegeneration
  • Balazs Ujfalussy Dr Balazs Ujfalussy B
    Balazs was working in Cambridge between 2011 ans 2015 with Maté Lengyel (University of Cambridge) and Tiago Branco (MRC LMB). As a postdoc with Máté Lengyel he realised that efficient computations on realistic spiking inputs require nonlinear inpu...
  • Ben Underwood Dr Ben Underwood MA MBBS PhD FRCPsych CertMedEd
    I am a consultant old age psychiatrist in Cambridge. I am interested in novel therapeutic approaches in dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease. I completed my PhD with David Rubinsztein looking at autophagy up-regula...
  • nigel unwin Dr Nigel Unwin
    I am interested in finding out how ion channels work, using electron microscopy to analyse their structures trapped in different physiological states. Current research focuses on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, the transmitter-gated ion chan...
  • Vasja Urbančič Vasja Urbančič
    The growth cones of developing axons are guided on their journey through the developing nervous system by guidance cues that instruct their progression along a precise pathway towards their target area. The responses of growth cones to many of the...