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    Miss Amy Rochford

    University Position
    PhD student


    Peripheral nerve injuries result in a disconnection in the nervous system communication and a consequent loss in neurological function. Currently, there are limited treatments for these conditions. Neuroprosthetics and cell transplantation are promising approaches to restore lost neurological function: the former aims to bypass the site of injury, connecting directly one part of the nervous system to another; while the latter aims to repair the injury site. To date, both strategies have shown limited efficacy and lifetime due to several challenges. However, a combinational approach of implantable electronics and stem cell-derived cells for functional neurological restoration could address these issues. Our Lab focuses on addressing the challenges for the development of the next generation of neural bioelectronics. My research focuses on combining implantable electrodes and stem cell-derived cell transplantation to restore lost neurological function in a peripheral nerve injury model.

    Key Publications