Dr Hugo Fernandes

University Position
Research Associate


I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal cell loss in Parkinson?s and Alzheimer?s diseases. In particular, we are exploring the role of oxidative stress and ER stress in human (iPSC-derived) dopamine neurons using CRISPR screens. In addition, I am focused on the contribution of the ageing process associated with metabolic dysregulations related to ER function and lipid metabolism in human neurons. I have vast experience in the derivation of multiple neuronal subtypes from human iPSCs, with a particular focus on dopaminergic neurons for advancing the understanding of Parkinson?s. We are currently employing a range of high-throughput and deep phenotyping tools in human neurons, ranging from genome wide CRISPR-Cas9 screens to single cell transcriptomics and metabolomics. Using these complementary and novel approaches we aim at identifying critical targets for neurodegeneration to expand into future clinical therapeutics.

Key Publications

Felodipine induces autophagy in mouse brains with pharmacokinetics amenable to repurposing.

Journal: Nat Commun
E-pub date: 18 Apr 2019
Authors: FH Siddiqi, FM Menzies, A Lopez, E Stamatakou, C Karabiyik, R Ureshino, T Ricketts, M Jimenez-Sanchez, MA Esteban, L Lai, MD Tortorella, Z Luo, H Liu, E Metzakopian, HJR Fernandes, A Bassett, E Karran, BL Miller, A Fleming, DC Rubinsztein