Miss Seyedeh-Rezvan Farahibozorg

University Position
PhD student


My current research is aimed at characterisation of semantic networks in the brain based on source reconstructed concurrent Electro-/Magnetoencephalography (E/MEG)). Multiple brain areas are thought to play role in semantic cognition. However, the temporal evolvement of these networks as a concept unfolds in the brain and connectivity between brain areas are still largely unknown. Thus, the purpose of my PhD has been to investigate these questions using time-varying source reconstructed E/MEG networks which provide millisecond temporal resolution. However, due to the limitations of the spatial resolution of E/MEG, examining whole-brain networks is methodologically challenging. Thus, my project has been partially focused on method development and optimisation of connectivity techniques for E/MEG and partially on application of existing and novel methods for characterisation of semantic networks in the brain.

Key Publications