About Cambridge Neuroscience

Cambridge Neuroscience was formed in 2007 and is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Neuroscience is an overarching University initiative concerned with bringing together a critical mass of neuroscience research expertise from across all six Schools. The virtual community includes >850 members, of whom 325 are Principal Investigators (PIs) working in more than 30 Departments and more than 30 Institutes across the University, as well as affiliated institutes, such as the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Babraham Institute and Wellcome Sanger Institutes. Neuroscience at Cambridge is collaborative and dynamic, with members of the community engaged in widespread collaborations across numerous departments and institutes.

The governance of Cambridge Neuroscience is the responsibility of two key committees: a small Executive Group and a larger and more representative Steering Committee, while its management is the responsibility of the Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Manager and Directors.

Themes of Cambridge Neuroscience

Neuroscience at Cambridge can be conceptualised in terms of six cross-cutting themes with the aim of extending and supporting existing collaborations as well as inspiring new ones across the breadth of neuroscience in Cambridge.

These groupings extend beyond the boundaries of traditional Departmental structures, providing an important focus for neuroscience research, and enabling the sharing of methodologies, technologies and conceptual issues. Connections and overlap exist between all the six themes, highlighting the inter-disciplinarity of Cambridge Neuroscience.

As these over-arching themes develop, the work within them will benefit from key strengths in Cambridge: first class researchers from a wide range of and expertise working in everything from biomedicine and maths, to psychiatry and philosophy, education, engineering and economics.

  • Neurons Circuits and Networks
  • The Social Brain
  • Beyond the neuron: glia, vascular and immune cells
  • Brains and Machines
  • Adaptive Brain Computations
  • Lifelong Brain Development and Brain Ageing 

Our vision

As we expand and develop our range of activities in the support of all neuroscientists at Cambridge, we aim to:

  • Focus primarily on creating an integrated neuroscience community across Cambridge to promote multidisciplinary interaction, teaching and research.
  • Maintain our standing nationally as one of the UKs premier centres for neuroscience research while striving to improve internationally.
  • Ensure that the emerging strategic development across the community is clearly-perceived, ensuring that we are in the best possible position to attract both funding and talented researchers.
  • Support Early Career Researchers, organising cross discipline activities and providing training and development opportunities will enrich Cambridge Neuroscience as a place in which to work, allowing its members to solve complex problems.
  • Extend our partnerships and continue to develop alliances with external organisations, industry and the public.
  • Read our vision here.