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Interdisciplinary research in action

Cambridge offers an exciting, interdisciplinary research environment within which to work. Neuroscience research at Cambridge spans all six Schools, with researchers in over thirty University departments. There are outstanding, well-established, vertically-integrated basic to clinical research paths between the Schools of Biology and Clinical Medicine, as well as unique research links with other departments across the University including the Departments of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Computer Science and Technology, Education, Engineering, Public Health and Primary Care and the Social and Political Sciences.

World-class affiliations on our doorstep

Neuroscientists at Cambridge have productive affiliations with a number of world-class institutes based in Cambridge, including the Babraham Institute, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, and the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Clinical developments within Cambridge – such as for example, the new Children’s Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus – have a strong neuroscience component and will offer powerful opportunities for translating basic research.

A new approach to neuroscience research

By restructuring Cambridge Neuroscience into six new research themes that cut across traditional boundaries, we are extending and supporting existing collaborations as well as inspiring new ones across the breadth of neuroscience in Cambridge. The theme-based approach will draw on a pre-existing and unique integrated approach to neuroscience research from discovery and clinical, behavioural and computational neuroscience, a growing biomedical campus that is committed to supporting these new, multidisciplinary approaches and ready access to opportunities for collaboration with pharmaceutical and neurotechnology industry partners. Cambridge has a formidable track record when it comes to breaking down the barriers between science and business. Large multinational have established collaborations with Cambridge researchers, while numerous spin-off companies are thriving and retaining excellent links with the University. Entrepreneurial researchers will benefit from Cambridge Enterprise.

As our themes develop, the work within them will benefit from key strengths in Cambridge: first class researchers from a wide range of background and expertise working in diverse areas. Our aspiration is to provide a rich and diverse environment in which to train the neuroscientists of the future.

Come and join us!

Job opportunities

There is no one Department of Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge and it is possible to apply for a neuroscience-related position in many different Departments and Institutes. If you would like to be part of Cambridge’s dynamic, integrative community, search the University’s neuroscience job opportunities and studentships listings please click here.

Institutes and Centres affiliated with the University of Cambridge may also have job vacancies that are not listed centrally. It may be worth searching their individual sites.

If you are interested in working on a particular topic, within a specific department or with a particular researcher, search the Cambridge Neuroscience directory.