Public engagement

Public engagement at Cambridge Neuroscience provides opportunities for mutual learning between scientists and members of the public. This mutual learning is a two-way process and refers not just to the acquisition of knowledge, but also to increased familiarity with a breadth of perspectives, frames, and world views. Through engagement, scientists and the public participate in discussions about the benefits and risks of the science and technology impacting our daily lives (discussing for example, mental health, treatments for neurodegenerative disease, the importance of translational research, the use of animals in research etc). In doing so, questions and concerns can be better understood and addressed. Further, involving a wide range of interested stakeholders can connect seemingly unrelated viewpoints (e.g. from language scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists, educators and parents in the field of education), with potentially far-reaching effects. Scientists can expand the reach of their work, and make it more relevant to society.

Our scientists get involved with a number of initiatives throughout the year including The Cambridge Festival, Pint of Science, the Hay Festival, school visits in addition to TV and radio appearances.

University of Cambridge Public Engagement

The University of Cambridge Public Engagement Team works with researchers and professional staff across the University to support an environment where high-quality public engagement with research can flourish. This includes providing a portfolio of transferable skill trainings, access to funding and more. They are also the team behind behind What’s On, the Cambridge Festival and Open Cambridge.

For more information, please contact Cambridge Neuroscience or the Public Engagement team.


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