Find a Collaborator

Collaboration is integral to how we work in Cambridge Neuroscience. Whether it is collaborating with colleagues in the same department, other departments and schools across the University, external academic institutions, organisations or industry partners. Collaborations are essential for our research to be world-class, for it to achieve impact in the real world and for training our early career researchers to be leaders of the future.

Neuroscience research is undertaken in virtually every department of the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Clinical Medicine. In addition to this, related research is carried out in all of the other Schools of the University, with principal investigators spanning departments as diverse as Biological Anthropology, Computer Science and Technology, Economics, Engineering, Physics, and Education.

Collaboration with members of Cambridge Neuroscience

If you would like to identify potential collaborators or researchers with expertise in a particular technique, please search the Cambridge Neuroscience directory.

Sharing equipment is fundamental for promoting collaboration and the sharing of expertise across the Cambridge Neuroscience community – If you are looking for a piece of equipment that you do not have access to in the lab, find out more information here.

Collaboration with Industry Partners

Collaboration between industry and academia is paramount to the success of Cambridge Neuroscience and is instrumental in promoting innovation, advancing research, creating a skilled workforce and improving credibility.

There are many entry points where members of Cambridge Neuroscience can initiate interactions with industry and vice versa. See here for an overview of the relevant teams and initiatives across the University that can help you.

To discuss your ideas for Cambridge Neuroscience, or receive assistance setting up a collaboration, please contact the Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Manager.