Commercial Engagement

Cambridge Neuroscience has a formidable track record when it comes to breaking down the barriers between science and business. Large multinational companies have established collaborations with Cambridge researchers, while numerous spin-off companies are thriving and retaining excellent links with the University.

There are many opportunities to nurture your entrepreneurial talent while you are at Cambridge via knowledge sharing, training and networking opportunities. Discover more about how your make your commercial idea thrive, start a company or social enterprise or how academic consultancy can be an important and effective way for the University to share its knowledge and expertise with government, industry and the public sector.

Part of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Enterprise supports academics, researchers, staff, and students in achieving knowledge transfer and research impact.

They facilitate knowledge transfer by helping innovators, experts, and entrepreneurs to use commercial avenues to develop their ideas and expertise for the benefit of society, the economy, themselves, and the University.

Liaising with organisations both locally and globally, they offer expert advice and support in commercialisation and social enterprise, including help with academic consultancy services; the protection, development, and licensing of ideas; new company and social enterprise creation and seed funding. They run a number of events and programmes that bring together the University community with industry, investors, collaborators and partners.

For more information about Cambridge Enterprise, you can contact Anna Davies, Outreach Manager for Life Sciences here.


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