Translational engagement

Collaboration between industry, clinical research and academia is paramount to the success of Cambridge Neuroscience and is instrumental in promoting innovation, advancing research, creating a skilled workforce and improving credibility.

There are many entry points where members of Cambridge Neuroscience can initiate interactions with industry and vice versa. There are also University organisations who support our members efforts to translate findings from biological, biomedical or clinical research into practical health benefits for patients including new therapeutics, devices, diagnostics or other medical interventions. See here for an overview of the relevant teams and initiatives across the University. Some points of entry are highlighted below. For more information, please contact Cambridge Neuroscience.


BioScience Impact team
Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences
The Maxwell Centre
The Milner Therapeutics Institute
Office of Translational Research
Connect Health Tech
BNA’s ‘Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia’
Cambridge means business