ALBA-Roche Research Prize for Excellence in Neuroscience 2024

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ALBA recently launched the ALBA-Roche Research Prize for Excellence in Neuroscience 2024I am writing to ask for your help in increasing the visibility of this new prize championing mid-career scientists from underrepresented backgrounds, and ensuring that we receive high-level nominations.

The call for nominations is open. The deadline is 23rd January 2024.

Please consider applying or forwarding the call to your colleagues.

You can find more information and the nomination form here:

More information about the prize

Awarded through a new partnership between the ALBA Network and Roche, this prize recognises outstanding contributions in brain research by mid-career scientists from underrepresented groups, whose work focuses on the nervous system and may improve our understanding of the causal mechanisms of brain diseases.

What we mean by underrepresented

Underrepresented groups refer to scientists who have encountered disadvantages, be it by birth or circumstance, presenting additional challenges in career advancement or hindering recognition for their work. This includes individuals who should be more prevalent, recognised, or better funded in brain research, such as women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, persons with disabilities, those with diverse racial, ethnic, indigenous backgrounds, living in low socio-economic areas, facing visa issues due to a weak passport, or experiencing difficult personal circumstances (e.g., caregiving responsibilities). For a detailed definition, please visit the ALBA website.

This prize symbolises a milestone in promoting diversity among awardees.

Posted on 23/01/2024