BNA Award for Postgraduate Prize – Call Open

Image for BNA Award for Postgraduate Prize – Call Open

To be eligible for the postgraduate prize, candidates must have completed and submitted their thesis and had it approved (i.e. the PhD viva has taken place) within the 12 months preceding 31st October each year. We recognise that formal award of a PhD can take some time, and so we do not require that the PhD has been formally awarded in order to be eligible for the Prize. The candidate must be a current BNA member.

In order to apply, please submit the following documentation to, and complete the online application form by 31st October:

It is also beneficial to include a list of publications and presentations at meetings that have arisen from the work, and an indication of current career intentions.

Master’s students are also eligible and can also submit a Master’s project for the Postgraduate prize. However, please be aware that these will be judged following the same criteria as those for a PhD thesis. At present the BNA does not have a separate category for Master’s students.

Posted on 22/06/2023