ARU and Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre Collaboration Day

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ARU and Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre Collaboration Day

When: 13th December

Where: The Moller Centre in Cambridge.

About the Day:

The day will focus on fostering collaboration between ARU and Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre academics working in the areas of “Mental Health” and “Data Science and Population Health”. To date, the collaboration has focused on the relationship between mental health complications and long-term chronic conditions, including physical multimorbidity. We are specifically seeking to broaden this collaboration and thus facilitating collaboration between academics and between institutions through this event.

We invite academics to apply to attend the one-day workshop from both ARU and the Biomedical Research Centre. We are able to facilitate approximately 25 academics from each institution.  If you currently work in the above-mentioned areas or are interested to do so, then please do considering applying to attend this event.

The morning of the event will consist of presentations on related topics, 3 from ARU and 3 from the Biomedical Research Centre. The afternoon session will consist of a mini “workshop” where all attendees will be assigned groups to develop novel ideas to study mental health and chronic conditions. There will then be an opportunity to present these ideas to a panel who will then award pump-prime funding to one group to develop the idea further.

You can either apply as attendee only or attendee and a presenter (presenting on a research topic in relation to mental health and physical health).

If you would like to attend, please complete the below and return to Professor Lee Smith



Position and whether ECR:

A brief description of your research in this area, no more than three sentences:

If you would like to present your work in the morning session, please specify the title of your presentation:

Posted on 02/11/2023