NeuroBridges2022 | 4-15th September 2022

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A Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Summer School in Neuroscience

Deadline to apply: May 15, 2022

NeuroBridges2022 is a summer school which will take place between September 4 and September 15, 2022 in Le Centre de Conferences Internationales de Cluny, France (CCIC).

The school will provide an overview of theoretical and experimental frameworks used to study a variety of decision making processes. It will cover different model systems from rodents to humans and a plethora of decision making mechanisms.

Another objective of Neurobridges is to bring together Mediterranean and Middle Eastern scientists, in order to promote scientific cooperation between young researchers from these countries. The organizers of NeuroBridges are convinced that such scientific collaborations can lead to personal relations, which eventually may alleviate the political distress in the Middle East.

The school is intended for graduate students and postdocs, primarily (but not only) from the Middle East and the Mediterranean region either working in their home countries or abroad. Applicants should have some background in related fields in neuroscience or cognitive psychology. All costs of registration and accommodation will be covered by the organizers.

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NeuroBridges2022 Faculty: Carlos Brody (Princeton), Ahmed El Hady (Princeton), David Hansel (CNRS), Ifat Levy (Yale), Yonatan Loewenstein (Hebrew U.), Najib Majaj (NYU), Mike Shadlen (Columbia U.), Eyal Winter (Hebrew U.) and Yoram Yovell (Hadassah Hebrew U. Medical Center)

NeuroBridges is co-organized by Ahmed El Hady (Princeton Neuroscience Institute, USA), Yonatan Loewenstein(Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) and David Hansel (CNRS, Paris, France).

NeuroBridges2022 is supported by the Simons Foundation (USA) and CNRS (France) and is in partnership with VVTNS (

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Posted on 10/05/2022