Science Without Anguish Webinar – Professor Michael Coleman

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Tuesday, June 18 · 3 – 4pm GMT+1 – Online

Message from Professor Michael Coleman

Thank you so much for your interest in ‘Science Without Anguish’. I was delighted to see the blog site has over 500 users from 30 countries in six continents, and the attention it has generated on social media. This suggests to me a widespread need for better ways to handle the challenges of research life.

The thoughts I have written about are not ‘new’. They are just not the way we normally think in research. Over the last couple of decades, these ways of thinking have become part of mainstream conversation in sports psychology, business management, and self-help material.

We are no different! Scientists, and others in academia, have the same human needs as everyone else. So let’s start a conversation that makes it mainstream here too!

In this webinar, I will give a 20 minute overview of the blog series – what inspired me to write it, a few cross-cutting themes, and where it could go from here. Then I’ll open it up to Q & A so we hear also from some of you. I am particularly keen to hear about topics you’d like to see covered in Series 2, which I will start posting in September.

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Posted on 12/06/2024