The Human Microbiome and the Gut-Brain axis

Image for The Human Microbiome and the Gut-Brain axis
The next in the series of Microbiome focussed meetings: ‘The Human Microbiome and the Gut-Brain axis’, is taking place on Tuesday 11th June13:45-17:00 in 17 Mill Lane.
There will be three talks discussing developments in this emerging area of gut-brain axis research:
  • David Bulmer, Pharmacology
    Visceral pain in gastrointestinal disease
  • Marta Camacho, Clinical Neurosciences
    Intestinal Methanogens in early Parkinson’s disease
  • Yizhou Yu, MRC Toxicology Unit
    Enhancing mitochondrial function in an Alzheimer’s disease model through microbes
To register for this event, please complete this short registration form. This event is open to all, so please share around your groups. 
We would like to encourage PIs in particular to attend this event. This is quite a hot topic area in the field and there are a number of upcoming funding calls opening up, so it would be a great opportunity to discuss new collaborative ideas.
We are also again inviting additional speakers interested in presenting a flash talk on any microbiome-related research question or topic. There is a section in the registration form for you to submit your idea. Deadline for flash talk submissions is Friday 17th May.

Posted on 15/05/2024