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    Andrew Thwaites

    University Position
    Affiliated Member
    Dr Andrew Thwaites is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.


    Dr Thwaites' research group focuses on mapping the information processing pathways of the human cortex, and their associated clinical applications.


    Key Publications

    Entrainment to the CIECAM02 and CIELAB colour appearance models in the human cortex.

    Journal: Vision Res
    E-pub date: 1 Apr 2018
    Authors: A Thwaites, C Wingfield, E Wieser, A Soltan, WD Marslen-Wilson, I Nimmo-Smith

    The difficult legacy of Turing’s wager.

    Journal: J Comput Neurosci
    E-pub date: 31 Aug 2017
    Authors: A Thwaites, A Soltan, E Wieser, I Nimmo-Smith

    Tonotopic representation of loudness in the human cortex.

    Journal: Hear Res
    E-pub date: 1 Feb 2017
    Authors: A Thwaites, J Schlittenlacher, I Nimmo-Smith, WD Marslen-Wilson, BCJ Moore


    On the similarities of representations in artificial and brain neural networks for speech recognition.

    Journal: Front Comput Neurosci
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2022
    Authors: C Wingfield, C Zhang, B Devereux, E Fonteneau, A Thwaites, X Liu, P Woodland, W Marslen-Wilson, L Su

    Relating dynamic brain states to dynamic machine states: Human and machine solutions to the speech recognition problem.

    Journal: PLoS Comput Biol
    E-pub date: 1 Sep 2017
    Authors: C Wingfield, L Su, X Liu, C Zhang, P Woodland, A Thwaites, E Fonteneau, WD Marslen-Wilson

    Representation of Instantaneous and Short-Term Loudness in the Human Cortex.

    Journal: Front Neurosci
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2016
    Authors: A Thwaites, BR Glasberg, I Nimmo-Smith, WD Marslen-Wilson, BCJ Moore

    Tracking cortical entrainment in neural activity: auditory processes in human temporal cortex.

    Journal: Front Comput Neurosci
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2015
    Authors: A Thwaites, I Nimmo-Smith, E Fonteneau, RD Patterson, P Buttery, WD Marslen-Wilson