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    Dr Ayla Humphrey PhD

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    Ayla Humphrey, Lead for Children and Young People?s Psychology, CPFT and Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. Her interest is in the advancement of services for children & families; early identification of and intervention for mental health and developmental needs. Co-founder of CCPNR, Cambridge Centre for Paediatric Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Founding Director, Cambridge Family Social Enterprise. She was awarded the 2017 British Psychological Society award for ?Outstanding Contribution to Applied Practice?. She is Senior Project Lead for CLAHRC EoE CAMHS Innovation and Evaluation group. Her research has also focused on early development in children with Tuberous Sclerosis, Autism, and epilepsy. Current collaborations include Parents and Young Children under Extreme Stress (PYCES)"; "Delivery of Cognitive Therapy for Young People After Trauma" (Decrypt); Affiliated Scientist

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