Professor Brechtje Post

University Position


My research primarily focuses on speech prosody - intonation, accentuation, rhythm, and phrasing. Prosody simultaneously encodes information from different components of the linguistic system in the speech signal, in particular morpho-syntax, pragmatics, and discourse and information structure. I investigate how this information is cued in the signal, how we perceive it, how it is exploited in speech comprehension, and how we acquire it (as children, or as multilingual adults). Relevant research projects: - Online processing of prosodic boundaries by L2 learners of English - Categories and gradience in intonation: Evidence from linguistics and neurobiology - Neural correlates of intonation - Developing a large scale online study of L1 and L2 speech perception - Temporal and frontal systems in past tense processing

Key Publications

Temporal lobe perceptual predictions for speech are instantiated in motor cortex and reconciled by inferior frontal cortex.

Journal: Cell Rep
E-pub date: 30 May 2023
Authors: TE Cope, E Sohoglu, KA Peterson, PS Jones, C Rua, L Passamonti, W Sedley, B Post, J Coebergh, CR Butler, P Garrard, K Abdel-Aziz, M Husain, TD Griffiths, K Patterson, MH Davis, JB Rowe


Categories and gradience in intonation

E-pub date: 26 Oct 2015
Authors: B Post, EA Stamatakis, I Bohr, F Nolan, C Cummins

Temporal and frontal systems in speech comprehension: an fMRI study of past tense processing.

Journal: Neuropsychologia
E-pub date: 1 Aug 2005
Authors: LK Tyler, EA Stamatakis, B Post, B Randall, W Marslen-Wilson