Dr Christian Wood

University Position
Research Associate


My work focuses on understanding the circuits within the prefrontal cortex that control cognitive and emotional functions, with a view to establishing the dysfunctional pathways that produce symptoms in psychiatric disorders.

Key Publications

Chemogenetics identifies separate area 25 brain circuits involved in anhedonia and anxiety in marmosets.

Journal: Sci Transl Med
E-pub date: 5 Apr 2023
Authors: CM Wood, L Alexander, J Alsiö, AM Santangelo, L McIver, GJ Cockcroft, AC Roberts

Differential Effects of the Inactivation of Anterior and Posterior Orbitofrontal Cortex on Affective Responses to Proximal and Distal Threat, and Reward Anticipation in the Common Marmoset.

Journal: Cereb Cortex
E-pub date: 30 Mar 2022
Authors: ZM Stawicka, R Massoudi, L Oikonomidis, L McIver, K Mulvihill, SKL Quah, GJ Cockcroft, HF Clarke, NK Horst, CM Wood, AC Roberts

Over-activation of primate subgenual cingulate cortex enhances the cardiovascular, behavioral and neural responses to threat.

Journal: Nat Commun
E-pub date: 26 Oct 2020
Authors: L Alexander, CM Wood, PLR Gaskin, SJ Sawiak, TD Fryer, YT Hong, L McIver, HF Clarke, AC Roberts


Differential Contribution of Anterior and Posterior Midcingulate Subregions to Distal and Proximal Threat Reactivity in Marmosets.

Journal: Cereb Cortex
E-pub date: 26 Aug 2021
Authors: SS Rahman, K Mulvihill, CM Wood, SKL Quah, NK Horst, HF Clarke, GJ Cockcroft, AM Santangelo, AC Roberts