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  • Research Theme Beyond the Neuron

    Dr Damiano G. Barone

    University Position
    Clinical Lecturer


    Due to the inability of the nervous system to regenerate itself, injuries to the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve can have a profound impact on patients, their families and society. Current treatment options remain limited. Bioelectronics represents a promising tool to restore lost neurological functions. The lab focus on tackling basic and translational challenges for the development of the next generation of neural bioelectronics: 1 ? Biohybrid interfaces: Implantable bioelectronic interfaces containing cells which integrate into the host tissue. 2 ? Minimally Invasive bioelectronics: Implantable devices involving keyhole surgery with minimal surgical trauma to surrounding tissue. 3 ? Foreign Body Reaction: Strategies to reduce the development of scarring around implantable devices, and achieve their long-term function. 4 - Advanced spinal cord electronic interfaces: Circumferential neural interfaces for stimulation and recording and 'spinal cord bypass'.

    Key Publications