• Genetics
  • Research Theme Beyond the Neuron

    Dr Eric Miska

    University Position
    Senior Research Associate


    We are interested in all aspects of gene regulation by regulatory RNA. Current research themes include: miRNA biology and pathology, miRNA mechanism, piRNA biology and the germline, endo-siRNAs in epigenetic inheritance and evironmental conditioning, small RNA evolution and the role of RNAi in host pathogen interaction.

    Key Publications


    Epigenetic remodelling licences adult cholangiocytes for organoid formation and liver regeneration.

    Journal: Nat Cell Biol
    E-pub date: 1 Nov 2019
    Authors: L Aloia, MA McKie, G Vernaz, L Cordero-Espinoza, N Aleksieva, J van den Ameele, F Antonica, B Font-Cunill, A Raven, R Aiese Cigliano, G Belenguer, RL Mort, AH Brand, M Zernicka-Goetz, SJ Forbes, EA Miska, M Huch