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    Dr Emma Rachel Wilson

    University Position
    Research Associate


    My particular interests lie in molecular neuroscience and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. I completed my PhD in Neuroscience at University College London, under the supervision of Prof. Linda Greensmith, Prof. Mary M. Reilly and Dr. Bernadett Kalmar. My thesis explored potential pathomechanisms underlying Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy type I. Subsequently, I undertook post doctoral training in the laboratory of Prof. M. Laura Feltri, at the University of Buffalo, State University of New York, where my research centred on myelin and axo-glia communication in development and disease. Currently, I am a post doctoral research scientist in Prof. Michael Coleman's laboratory at the University of Cambridge, where I am exploring programmed axonal degeneration and its relevance to human disease. More specifically, I am investigating the non-coding regions of the genes NMNAT2 and SARM1, and biomarkers of programmed axonal degeneration.

    Key Publications

    Peripheral glia diversity.

    Journal: J Anat
    E-pub date: 1 Nov 2022
    Authors: CB Reed, ML Feltri, ER Wilson

    Activation of mTORC1 and c-Jun by Prohibitin1 loss in Schwann cells may link mitochondrial dysfunction to demyelination.

    Journal: Elife
    E-pub date: 14 Sep 2021
    Authors: G Della-Flora Nunes, ER Wilson, E Hurley, B He, BW O'Malley, Y Poitelon, L Wrabetz, ML Feltri

    Schwann cell interactions during the development of the peripheral nervous system.

    Journal: Dev Neurobiol
    E-pub date: 1 Jul 2021
    Authors: ER Wilson, G Della-Flora Nunes, MR Weaver, LR Frick, ML Feltri

    Prohibitin 1 is essential to preserve mitochondria and myelin integrity in Schwann cells.

    Journal: Nat Commun
    E-pub date: 2 Jun 2021
    Authors: G Della-Flora Nunes, ER Wilson, LN Marziali, E Hurley, N Silvestri, B He, BW O'Malley, B Beirowski, Y Poitelon, L Wrabetz, ML Feltri

    Hereditary sensory neuropathy type 1-associated deoxysphingolipids cause neurotoxicity, acute calcium handling abnormalities and mitochondrial dysfunction in vitro.

    Journal: Neurobiol Dis
    E-pub date: 1 Sep 2018
    Authors: ER Wilson, U Kugathasan, AY Abramov, AJ Clark, DLH Bennett, MM Reilly, L Greensmith, B Kalmar


    A new mouse model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth 2J neuropathy replicates human axonopathy and suggest alteration in axo-glia communication.

    Journal: PLoS Genet
    E-pub date: 1 Nov 2022
    Authors: G Shackleford, LN Marziali, Y Sasaki, A Claessens, C Ferri, NI Weinstock, AM Rossor, NJ Silvestri, ER Wilson, E Hurley, GJ Kidd, S Manohar, D Ding, RJ Salvi, ML Feltri, M D'Antonio, L Wrabetz

    Development of MRC Centre MRI calf muscle fat fraction protocol as a sensitive outcome measure in Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type 1.

    Journal: J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry
    E-pub date: 31 Aug 2019
    Authors: U Kugathasan, MRB Evans, JM Morrow, CDJ Sinclair, JS Thornton, TA Yousry, T Hornemann, S Suriyanarayanan, K Owusu-Ansah, G Lauria, R Lombardi, JM Polke, E Wilson, DLH Bennett, H Houlden, MG Hanna, JC Blake, M Laura, MM Reilly

    Spider toxin inhibits gating pore currents underlying periodic paralysis.

    Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
    E-pub date: 24 Apr 2018
    Authors: R Männikkö, ZO Shenkarev, MG Thor, AA Berkut, MY Myshkin, AS Paramonov, DS Kulbatskii, DA Kuzmin, M Sampedro Castañeda, L King, ER Wilson, EN Lyukmanova, MP Kirpichnikov, S Schorge, F Bosmans, MG Hanna, DM Kullmann, AA Vassilevski

    Correlative and integrated light and electron microscopy of in-resin GFP fluorescence, used to localise diacylglycerol in mammalian cells.

    Journal: Ultramicroscopy
    E-pub date: 31 Aug 2014
    Authors: CJ Peddie, K Blight, E Wilson, C Melia, J Marrison, R Carzaniga, M-C Domart, P O'Toole, B Larijani, LM Collinson