Dr Emad Sidhom

University Position
Clinical Research Associate


I am interested in neurodegenerative disorders, in particular Alzheimer's Disease. I work to understand the pathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative processes. I aim to search for the failure of synaptic repair and modify the unfolded protein response in the endoplasmic reticulum. The aim is to achieve a safe neuroprotective, disease modifying agent to slow down the progress of neurocognitive disorders. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and other forms of neuromodulation in psychiatry is my other area of clinical interest which include research on the low pulse amplitude (< 800 mA), ultra-brief pulse (<0.5 ms) unilateral (ECT) usage to minimise the cognitive side effects of ECT while retaining its efficacy. As well as, optimising titration schedules and algorithms of ECT dosing strategies, and understanding the mechanism of action of ECT, and the mechanism by which ECT causes adverse event in order to provide safe and effective targeted delivery of ECT.

Key Publications


The epidemiology and clinical features of personality disorders in later life; a study of secondary care data.

Journal: Int J Geriatr Psychiatry
E-pub date: 1 Dec 2022
Authors: N Treagust, E Sidhom, J Lewis, C Denman, O Knutson, BR Underwood

Trazodone and patient outcomes in dementia-Limitations of naturalistic cohort data.

Journal: Int J Geriatr Psychiatry
E-pub date: 31 Aug 2022
Authors: E Sidhom, MS Padilla, J Lewis, S White, JT O'Brien, GR Mallucci, BR Underwood

Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response as a Disease-Modifying Pathway in Dementia

Journal: Int J Mol Sci
E-pub date: 11 Feb 2022
Authors: E Sidhom, JT O’Brien, AJ Butcher, HL Smith, GR Mallucci, BR Underwood

Challenges and opportunities for conducting a vaccine trial during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.

Journal: Clin Trials
E-pub date: 1 Oct 2021
Authors: ME Török, BR Underwood, M Toshner, C Waddington, E Sidhom, K Sharrocks, R Bousfield, C Summers, C Saunders, Z McIntyre, H Morris, J Piper, G Calderon, S Dennis, T Assari, AM de Rotrou, A Shaw, J Bradley, J O'Brien, RC Rintoul, I Smith, E Bullmore, K Chatterjee, Cambridge COVID Vaccine Trial Team

Providing memory assessment services during COVID-19.

Journal: Aging Ment Health
E-pub date: 31 Aug 2021
Authors: BR Underwood, A Thompsell, E Sidhom, A Burns

The application of stratified medicine to dementia care

Journal: BJPsych Advances
E-pub date: 1 Jul 2020
Authors: E Sidhom, J O'Brien, BR Underwood