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    Dr Felippe Amorim

    University Position
    Research Associate


    My research interests comprise behavioral neuroscience and computational neuroscience. Currently, I study phenotypical characteristics of obssesive-compulsive disorder using translationally relevant animal models. For that, I am using different techniques such as behavioral experiments, machine learning models and software development. I also have interest in understanding which plasticity systems are behind memory reconsolidation and destabilization.


    Key Publications

    Memory destabilization during reconsolidation: a consequence of homeostatic plasticity?

    Journal: Learning & Memory
    Year: 2021
    Authors: Amorim FE, Chapot RL, Moulin TC, Lee JLC, Amaral OB

    A meta-analysis of the effect of protein synthesis inhibitors on rodent fear conditioning

    Journal: Peer Community Journal
    Year: 2023
    Authors: Carneiro, CFD, Amorim FE, Amaral OB

    A Freely Available, Self-Calibrating Software for Automatic Measurement of Freezing Behavior

    Journal: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
    Year: 2019
    Authors: Amorim FE, Moulin TC, Amaral OB


    Shifting from fear to safety through deconditioning-update

    Journal: eLife
    Year: 2020
    Authors: Popik B, Amorim FE, Amaral OB, De Oliveira Alvares L.

    Comparing quality of reporting between preprints and peer-reviewed articles in the biomedical literature

    Journal: Research Integrity and Peer Review
    Year: 2020
    Authors: Carneiro CFD, Queiroz VGS, Moulin TC, Carvalho CAM, Haas CB, Rayêe D, Henshall DE, De-Souza EA, Amorim FE, Boos FZ, Guercio GD, Costa IR, Hajdu KL, van Egmond L, Modrák M, Tan PB, Abdill RJ, Burgess SJ, Guerra SFS, Bortoluzzi VT, Amaral OB.