Dr Frank Reimann

University Position


Research in the lab is currently focusing on enteroendocrine cells, especially glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secreting cells, which we hope to target in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. GLP-1 secreting cells are electrically excitable and respond to changes in ambient nutrient supply through electrogenic uptake and an increase in action potential firing frequency. We also started to work on GLP-1 target cells including enteric and affarent autonomic neurons. In addition we have a longstanding interest in nociception, characterising ion channel mutations found by Geoff Woods group in inherited pain disorders.

Key Publications

Human Labor Pain Is Influenced by the Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel KV6.4 Subunit.

Journal: Cell Rep
E-pub date: 21 Jul 2020
Authors: MC Lee, MS Nahorski, JRF Hockley, VB Lu, G Ison, LA Pattison, G Callejo, K Stouffer, E Fletcher, C Brown, I Drissi, D Wheeler, P Ernfors, D Menon, F Reimann, ESJ Smith, CG Woods

Quantitative mass spectrometry for human melanocortin peptides in vitro and in vivo suggests prominent roles for β-MSH and desacetyl α-MSH in energy homeostasis.

Journal: Mol Metab
E-pub date: 1 Nov 2018
Authors: P Kirwan, RG Kay, B Brouwers, V Herranz-Pérez, M Jura, P Larraufie, J Jerber, J Pembroke, T Bartels, A White, FM Gribble, F Reimann, IS Farooqi, S O'Rahilly, FT Merkle

Transcriptomic profiling of pancreatic alpha, beta and delta cell populations identifies delta cells as a principal target for ghrelin in mouse islets.

Journal: Diabetologia
E-pub date: 1 Oct 2016
Authors: AE Adriaenssens, B Svendsen, BYH Lam, GSH Yeo, JJ Holst, F Reimann, FM Gribble


Obesity medication lorcaserin requires brainstem GLP-1 neurons to reduce food intake in mice

E-pub date: 1 Aug 2022
Authors: S Wagner, D Brierley, A Leeson-Payne, W Jiang, R Chianese, B Lam, G Dowsett, C Cristiano, D Lyons, F Reimann, F Gribble, GSH Yeo, S Trapp, L Heisler

Single cell transcriptomic profiling of large intestinal enteroendocrine cells in mice – Identification of selective stimuli for insulin-like peptide-5 and glucagon-like peptide-1 co-expressing cells.

Journal: Mol Metab
E-pub date: 1 Nov 2019
Authors: LJ Billing, P Larraufie, J Lewis, A Leiter, J Li, B Lam, GS Yeo, DA Goldspink, RG Kay, FM Gribble, F Reimann

Comparison of Human and Murine Enteroendocrine Cells by Transcriptomic and Peptidomic Profiling.

Journal: Diabetes
E-pub date: 1 May 2019
Authors: GP Roberts, P Larraufie, P Richards, RG Kay, SG Galvin, EL Miedzybrodzka, A Leiter, HJ Li, LL Glass, MKL Ma, B Lam, GSH Yeo, R Scharfmann, D Chiarugi, RH Hardwick, F Reimann, FM Gribble

Adenosine triphosphate is co-secreted with glucagon-like peptide-1 to modulate intestinal enterocytes and afferent neurons.

Journal: Nat Commun
E-pub date: 4 Mar 2019
Authors: VB Lu, J Rievaj, EA O'Flaherty, CA Smith, R Pais, LA Pattison, G Tolhurst, AB Leiter, DC Bulmer, FM Gribble, F Reimann

A Transcriptome-Led Exploration of Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Somatostatin-Producing D-Cells in the Gastric Epithelium.

Journal: Endocrinology
E-pub date: 1 Nov 2015
Authors: A Adriaenssens, BYH Lam, L Billing, K Skeffington, S Sewing, F Reimann, F Gribble