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    Professor Guy Brown

    University Position


    We are interested in the mechanisms of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in the brain. We use mouse models of disease and cultured brain cells to investigate how microglia become activated by inflammatory stimuli and how such microglia damage or protect neurons. We are particularly interested in the roles of microglial phagocytosis in neurodegeneration, as we have found that inflamed microglial can phagocytose (i.e. eat) live neurons and neuronal parts such as synapses. And so we are trying to find ways to prevent this.

    Key Publications

    The Endotoxin Hypothesis of Parkinson’s Disease.

    Journal: Movement Disorders
    E-pub date: 1 Jul 2023
    Authors: GC Brown, M Camacho, CH Williams-Gray


    Inflammatory neuronal loss in the substantia nigra induced by systemic lipopolysaccharide is prevented by knockout of the P2Y6 receptor in mice.

    Journal: J Neuroinflammation
    E-pub date: 11 Oct 2021
    Authors: S Milde, FW van Tartwijk, A Vilalta, TC Hornik, JM Dundee, M Puigdellívol, GC Brown