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    Dr George Savulich

    University Position
    Research Associate


    Cognitive enhancement in neuropsychiatric disorders and in healthy people; the impact of technology on older age mental health; the effects of novel psychoactive substances on cognition and emotion; and information-processing biases in psychosis.

    Key Publications


    Chronic escitalopram in healthy volunteers has specific effects on reinforcement sensitivity: a double-blind, placebo-controlled semi-randomised study.

    Journal: Neuropsychopharmacology
    E-pub date: 1 Mar 2023
    Authors: C Langley, S Armand, Q Luo, G Savulich, T Segerberg, A Søndergaard, EB Pedersen, N Svart, O Overgaard-Hansen, A Johansen, C Borgsted, RN Cardinal, TW Robbins, DS Stenbæk, GM Knudsen, BJ Sahakian

    The ‘Resilient Brain’: challenging key characteristics associated with the concept of resilience.

    Journal: Psychol Med
    E-pub date: 25 Jan 2023
    Authors: G Savulich, E Ferry-Bolder, TV Lim, E Mak, KD Ersche

    Synaptic loss in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia revealed by [11C]UCB-J PET

    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2022
    Authors: M Malpetti, S Jones, T Cope, N Holland, M Naessens, M Rouse, G Savulich, T Fryer, Y Hong, SM Sephton, F Aigbirhio, J O’Brien, J Rowe

    Molecular pathology and synaptic loss in primary tauopathies: A [18F]AV-1451 and [11C]UCB-J PET study

    Journal: Brain
    E-pub date: 29 Mar 2022
    Authors: N Holland, M Malpetti, T Rittman, E Mak, L Passamonti, S Kaalund, F Hezemans, P Jones, G Savulich, Y Hong, T Fryer, F Aigbirhio, J O'Brien, J Rowe

    [18F]-AV-1451 binding in the substantia nigra as a marker of neuromelanin in Lewy body diseases.

    Journal: Brain Commun
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2021
    Authors: E Mak, A Kouli, N Holland, N Nicastro, G Savulich, A Surendranathan, M Malpetti, R Manavaki, YT Hong, TD Fryer, F Aigbirhio, JB Rowe, JT O'Brien, CH Williams-Gray

    In vivo coupling of dendritic complexity with presynaptic density in primary tauopathies.

    Journal: Neurobiol Aging
    E-pub date: 1 May 2021
    Authors: E Mak, N Holland, PS Jones, G Savulich, A Low, M Malpetti, SS Kaalund, L Passamonti, T Rittman, R Romero-Garcia, R Manavaki, GB Williams, YT Hong, TD Fryer, FI Aigbirhio, JT O'Brien, JB Rowe

    Synaptic loss in primary tauopathies revealed by [11C]UCB-J positron emission tomography

    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2020
    Authors: N Holland, S Jones, G Savulich, J Wiggins, Y Hong, T Fryer, R Manavaki, SM Sephton, I Boros, M Malpetti, F Hezemans, F Aigbirhio, J Coles, J O’Brien, J Rowe