Professor Peter St George-Hyslop

University Position


My laboratory focuses upon understanding the causes and molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Fronto-Temporal Dementia. We and others have shown that these diseases are frequently caused by the accumulation neurotoxic proteins or protein fragments. We employ genetic, molecular biological, cell biological, and animal modeling strategies to: 1) identify disease-causing genes; and 2) to identify the molecular pathways by which these mutation or polymorphisms lead to neuronal death.

Key Publications

Phase Separation of FUS is Modulated by Methylation State of Cation-π Interactions and Interaction with TNPO1

Journal: Cell
E-pub date: 19 Apr 2018
Authors: PH St George-Hyslop, S Qamar, G Wang, SJ Randle, FS Ruggeri, J Varela, CF Kaminski, GS Kaminski, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman, CE Holt, Q Lin, W meadows

ALS/FTD Mutation-Induced Phase Transition of FUS Liquid Droplets and Reversible Hydrogels into Irreversible Hydrogels Impairs RNP Granule Function.

Journal: Neuron
E-pub date: 18 Nov 2015
Authors: T Murakami, S Qamar, JQ Lin, GSK Schierle, E Rees, A Miyashita, AR Costa, RB Dodd, FTS Chan, CH Michel, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, Y Li, S-P Yang, Y Wakutani, W Meadows, RR Ferry, L Dong, GG Tartaglia, G Favrin, W-L Lin, DW Dickson, M Zhen, D Ron, G Schmitt-Ulms, PE Fraser, NA Shneider, C Holt, M Vendruscolo, CF Kaminski, P St George-Hyslop


TET2 Regulates the Neuroinflammatory Response in Microglia.

Journal: Cell Rep
E-pub date: 15 Oct 2019
Authors: A Carrillo-Jimenez, Ö Deniz, MV Niklison-Chirou, R Ruiz, K Bezerra-Salomão, V Stratoulias, R Amouroux, PK Yip, A Vilalta, M Cheray, AM Scott-Egerton, E Rivas, K Tayara, I García-Domínguez, J Garcia-Revilla, JC Fernandez-Martin, AM Espinosa-Oliva, X Shen, P St George-Hyslop, GC Brown, P Hajkova, B Joseph, JL Venero, MR Branco, MA Burguillos