Research Theme Beyond the Neuron

Dr Julia Greenland

University Position
PhD student


I am interested in the role of the immune system in the progression of Parkinson's disease. Together with Dr Williams-Gray, I am running a clinical trial of azathioprine, an immunosuppressant medication, to try to slow down the progression of PD.

Key Publications

The Gastrointestinal Dysfunction Scale for Parkinson’s Disease.

Journal: Mov Disord
E-pub date: 1 Oct 2021
Authors: M Camacho, JC Greenland, CH Williams-Gray


Early constipation predicts faster dementia onset in Parkinson’s disease.

Journal: NPJ Parkinsons Dis
E-pub date: 26 May 2021
Authors: M Camacho, AD Macleod, J Maple-Grødem, JR Evans, DP Breen, G Cummins, RS Wijeyekoon, JC Greenland, G Alves, OB Tysnes, RA Lawson, RA Barker, CH Williams-Gray

The clinical heterogeneity of Parkinson’s disease and its therapeutic implications.

Journal: Eur J Neurosci
E-pub date: 1 Feb 2019
Authors: JC Greenland, CH Williams-Gray, RA Barker