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    Ms Juliet Griffin

    University Position
    PhD student


    I study the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the formation and stubborn persistence of delusions and other psychotic symptoms in psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia. I am interested in how the brain uses uncertain information (particularly information from social sources) to update and maintain accurate representations of the world (including self and others), and how and why these processes may become systematically derailed in psychotic illness. My PhD research uses computational methods to make sense of behavioural and functional imaging data from healthy, clinically 'at risk', currently psychotic, and chronicially schizophrenic individuals engaged in making perceptual and cognitive inferences under uncertainty. I aim to thereby track how changes in uncertainty-weighting of information develops across the illness course, in computational terms that make sense at both the 'brain' and 'mind' levels, and to sensibly relate these to the progression of symptomaticity.

    Key Publications