Dr Kevin Mulvihill

University Position
Research Associate


Current research involved in investigating the prefrontal circuitry associated with negative emotional regulation. Aim is to provide key insights into elements of cognitive and emotional dysregulation potentially involved in neuropsychiatric illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Broader research interest is associated with the regulation and maintenance of emotional arousal and emotional states.

Key Publications

Differential Effects of the Inactivation of Anterior and Posterior Orbitofrontal Cortex on Affective Responses to Proximal and Distal Threat, and Reward Anticipation in the Common Marmoset.

Journal: Cereb Cortex
E-pub date: 30 Mar 2022
Authors: ZM Stawicka, R Massoudi, L Oikonomidis, L McIver, K Mulvihill, SKL Quah, GJ Cockcroft, HF Clarke, NK Horst, CM Wood, AC Roberts


Differential Contribution of Anterior and Posterior Midcingulate Subregions to Distal and Proximal Threat Reactivity in Marmosets.

Journal: Cereb Cortex
E-pub date: 26 Aug 2021
Authors: SS Rahman, K Mulvihill, CM Wood, SKL Quah, NK Horst, HF Clarke, GJ Cockcroft, AM Santangelo, AC Roberts