Research Theme Beyond the Neuron

Professor Keith Martin

University Position


The main goal of our group is to understand better the mechanisms of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) death in glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. We aim to develop methods to protect RGC thus slowing the progression of glaucomatous visual loss, and ultimately to restore vision in those blind due to the disease. We have developed a novel model of glaucoma that has proven to be very useful in the investigation of glaucoma pathogenesis. The model allows RGC death to be studied both during the period of increased eye pressure and after pressure has fallen back to normal levels. We are currently exploring the pathogenesis of axonal injury in glaucoma and investigating stem cell transplantation and neurotrophic factor gene therapy as potential treatment approaches. We also have a keen interest in the role of axonal transport dysfunction in glaucoma.

Key Publications

Improving adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector-mediated transgene expression in retinal ganglion cells: comparison of five promoters.

Journal: Gene Ther
E-pub date: 1 Jun 2023
Authors: B Nieuwenhuis, E Laperrousaz, JR Tribble, J Verhaagen, JW Fawcett, KR Martin, PA Williams, A Osborne

Protrudin functions from the endoplasmic reticulum to support axon regeneration in the adult CNS.

Journal: Nat Commun
E-pub date: 5 Nov 2020
Authors: V Petrova, CS Pearson, J Ching, JR Tribble, AG Solano, Y Yang, FM Love, RJ Watt, A Osborne, E Reid, PA Williams, KR Martin, HM Geller, R Eva, JW Fawcett

PI 3-kinase delta enhances axonal PIP3 to support axon regeneration in the adult CNS.

Journal: EMBO Mol Med
E-pub date: 7 Aug 2020
Authors: B Nieuwenhuis, AC Barber, RS Evans, CS Pearson, J Fuchs, AR MacQueen, S van Erp, B Haenzi, LA Hulshof, A Osborne, R Conceicao, TZ Khatib, SS Deshpande, J Cave, C Ffrench-Constant, PD Smith, K Okkenhaug, BJ Eickholt, KR Martin, JW Fawcett, R Eva