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    Miss Lena Dorfschmidt

    University Position
    PhD student


    I am interested in the principles of whole-brain network organization in health and disease. I work on resting state MRI data in order to model trajectories of adolescent cortical development and identify disruptions in functional connectomics during psychiatric disorders, in particular in mood disorders.

    Key Publications

    Sexually divergent development of depression-related brain networks during healthy human adolescence.

    Journal: Sci Adv
    E-pub date: 27 May 2022
    Authors: L Dorfschmidt, RA Bethlehem, J Seidlitz, F Váša, SR White, R Romero-García, MG Kitzbichler, AR Aruldass, SE Morgan, IM Goodyer, P Fonagy, PB Jones, RJ Dolan, NSPN Consortium, NA Harrison, PE Vértes, ET Bullmore