Ms Lucia Wunderlich

University Position
PhD student


In addition to the long-known signalling pathways based on post-translational modifications of downstream targets, a different mechanism linking extracellular stimuli and mRNA translation has recently been discovered in neurons. This mechanism involves the release of ribosomes tethered to cell surface receptors upon axonal guidance cue stimulation, enabling local protein synthesis (LPS). LPS allows rapid and local remodelling of the axonal proteome distant from the cell body, which is essential for axonal survival and neuronal circuit formation. It is currently unknown whether receptor-ribosome coupling is a mechanism unique to a few receptor types, or whether it is used by a broad range of receptors in different cell types. In this project, receptor-ribosome coupling is further investigated in the model Xenopus laevis retinal ganglion cell (RGC) cultures and the existence of the mechanism studied for various receptors in different cell types.

Key Publications


Mutation of the ALS/FTD-associated RNA-binding protein FUS alters axonal cytoskeletal organisation

E-pub date: 1 Aug 2022
Authors: F van Tartwijk, LCS Wunderlich, I Mela, S Makarchuk, MAH Jakobs, S Qamar, K Franze, GK Schierle, P St George-Hyslop, JQ Lin, C Holt, C Kaminski

Receptor-specific interactome as a hub for rapid cue-induced selective translation in axons.

Journal: Elife
E-pub date: 20 Nov 2019
Authors: M Koppers, R Cagnetta, T Shigeoka, LC Wunderlich, P Vallejo-Ramirez, J Qiaojin Lin, S Zhao, MA Jakobs, A Dwivedy, MS Minett, A Bellon, CF Kaminski, WA Harris, JG Flanagan, CE Holt