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    Dr Marina Salorio-Corbetto

    University Position
    Research Associate


    Marina's research interests are related to the evaluation of hearing aids for people with high-frequency hearing loss, including those with extensive high-frequency dead regions. She has conducted trials using frequency-lowering prototype and commercially available hearing aids. Her current project seeks to identify the number of amplitude-compression channels required to optimise performance with hearing aids. This project is funded by the H. B. Allen Trust. Additionally, she collaborates with Dr Josephine Marriage (Chear Ltd) and a multidisciplinary group looking at alternative interventions during the watchful waiting period in children with chronic otitis media with effusion (?Bone Conduction in Glue ear? [BIG]: http:// Dr Marriage and Marina were recently awarded the British Society of Audiology Applied Research Grant in honour of Stuart Gatehouse in support of the group?s project (October 2015).

    Key Publications