Professor Marek Czosnyka

University Position


Brain Physics summarizes physical interactions between volumes, flows and pressures in brain. Measurement, data processing and analysis, forecasting and modeling of various cerebral phenomena as autoregulation of CBF or pressure-volume compensation of CSF indicate first-line priorities of Brain Physics. Complete list of ongoing projects include: 1. Brain Autoregulation 2. Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics (hydrocephalus, IIH). Multi-modal brain monitoring (head trauma, poor grade SAH, stroke) 3. Mathematical modeling of cerebrospinal dynamics 4. Hydrodynamic properties of hydrocephalus shunts 5. Software for brain monitoring ICM+ (lead author : Dr.P.Smielewski): NEW!: For details see 30 Lectures in Brain Physics- not only for Engineers: NEW! Brain Physics Seminars:Tuesdays at 11:00, University Neurosurgery, Old Library, Block A, Level 4, Addenbrookes Hospital- Find us at Facebook: Brain Physics Cambridge

Key Publications


Critical thresholds for cerebrovascular reactivity after traumatic brain injury.

Journal: Neurocrit Care
E-pub date: 1 Apr 2012
Authors: E Sorrentino, J Diedler, M Kasprowicz, KP Budohoski, C Haubrich, P Smielewski, JG Outtrim, A Manktelow, PJ Hutchinson, JD Pickard, DK Menon, M Czosnyka