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    Dr Mark Gurnell

    University Position


    Current programmes of research: 1. endocrine basis of financial decision-making 2. genetic and acquired disorders of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis 3. novel approaches to sparing hypothalamic-pituitary function in patients with sellar/parasellar tumours 4. functional imaging in endocrine neoplasia 5. optimizing outcomes in acromegaly.

    Key Publications


    Mutations in the selenocysteine insertion sequence-binding protein 2 gene lead to a multisystem selenoprotein deficiency disorder in humans.

    Journal: J Clin Invest
    E-pub date: 1 Dec 2010
    Authors: E Schoenmakers, M Agostini, C Mitchell, N Schoenmakers, L Papp, O Rajanayagam, R Padidela, L Ceron-Gutierrez, R Doffinger, C Prevosto, J Luan, S Montano, J Lu, M Castanet, N Clemons, M Groeneveld, P Castets, M Karbaschi, S Aitken, A Dixon, J Williams, I Campi, M Blount, H Burton, F Muntoni, D O'Donovan, A Dean, A Warren, C Brierley, D Baguley, P Guicheney, R Fitzgerald, A Coles, H Gaston, P Todd, A Holmgren, KK Khanna, M Cooke, R Semple, D Halsall, N Wareham, J Schwabe, L Grasso, P Beck-Peccoz, A Ogunko, M Dattani, M Gurnell, K Chatterjee