Moataz Assem

University Position
Research Associate


I study the precise anatomical and functional organization of domain-general brain regions using mutlimodal MRI techniques of the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and invasive electrophysiology data from human patients. Domain-general or Multiple-demand (MD) brain regions are co-activated accompanying many tasks and are hypothesised to play a central role in cognitive control and supporting human intelligence. However, the limited spatial localization provided by traditional brain imaging methods precluded a consensus regarding its anatomy and physiology. In my PhD work at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit with John Duncan, I used HCP's high-resolution MRI acquisition and analysis methods to precisely delineate a whole brain MD system, consisting of 9 cortical patches and specific subcortical and cerebellar regions. In my post-doc, I continue to probe how MD regions function under diverse cognitive demands.

Key Publications


Tumour-infiltrated cortex participates in large-scale cognitive circuits

E-pub date: 1 Aug 2022
Authors: A Mandal, M Assem, R Romero-Garcia, P Coelho, A McDonald, E Woodberry, R Morris, S Price, J Duncan, T Santarius, J Suckling, M Hart, Y Erez

Memory recovery in relation to default mode network impairment and neurite density during brain tumor treatment.

Journal: J Neurosurg
E-pub date: 1 Feb 2022
Authors: R Romero-Garcia, J Suckling, M Owen, M Assem, R Sinha, P Coelho, E Woodberry, SJ Price, A Burke, T Santarius, Y Erez, MG Hart

Intraoperative mapping of executive function using electrocorticography for patients with low-grade gliomas

E-pub date: 27 Aug 2020
Authors: Y Erez, M Assem, P Coelho, R Romero-Garcia, M Owen, A McDonald, E Woodberry, RC Morris, SJ Price, J Suckling, J Duncan, M Hart, T Santarius

Disruptive and protective outcomes to memory and attention when treating diffuse glioma

E-pub date: 8 Oct 2019
Authors: R Romero-Garcia, J Suckling, M Owen, M Assem, R Sinha, P Coelho, E Woodberry, S Price, AGA Burke, T Santarius, Y Erez, M Hart