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    Dr Nikolina Skandali MD PhD MRCPsych MSc

    University Position
    Academic Clinical Fellow


    I am a psychiatrist working in liaison psychiatry and neuropsychiatry in Addenbrooke's hospital, and the Department of Psychiatry as part of Professor Valerie Voon's lab. I am interested in cognitive mechanisms and how these are disrupted across diagnostic psychiatric conditions, and the underlying neural mechanisms. I am currently working on how neuromodulation with pharmacological challenges and transcranial magnetic stimulation alters impulsivity and other cognitive constructs in healthy volunteers and addiction patients. I use pharmacological tools, cognitive testing, computational modelling, neuroimaging and other neuromodulation tools. I completed by PhD in the Dpt of Psychiatry in Cambridge University investigating the role of serotonin in a broad range of cognitive functions including response inhibition, reinforcement learning and emotional processing with Professors Trevor Robbins and Barbara Sahakian. I previously completed my MSc in clinical neuroscience in thee UCL Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging with Professors Ray Dolan (UCL) and Robb Rutledge (Yale). I hold a Medical Degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I have undertaken all my speciaist psychiatry training in Cambirdgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust after gaining a competitive NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship by Cambridge University.


  • Valerie Voon
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  • Robb Rutledge
  • Key Publications

    Dopaminergic Modulation of Decision Making and Subjective Well-Being.

    Journal: J Neurosci
    E-pub date: 8 Jul 2015
    Authors: RB Rutledge, N Skandali, P Dayan, RJ Dolan

    A computational and neural model of momentary subjective well-being.

    Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
    E-pub date: 19 Aug 2014
    Authors: RB Rutledge, N Skandali, P Dayan, RJ Dolan