Dr Philip Barnard

University Position
Visiting Scientist


My programme of work focuses mainly on Executive Control and Emotional Meanings in Cognitive and Neural systems. Current work is organised under four project headings: [a] Core Theoretical work on Interacting Cognitive Subsystems - a macro-theory of mental architecture. Modelling addresses issues in attention, memory and psychopathology as well as the evolution and processing of meaning. [b] Schematic models (of self, others and world) and executive mode (how they are processed) ? covers experiments on memory and attention in both healthy participants and those with psychopathology (including anxiety, depression, mania and schizophrenia). [c] Brain networks underlying affective representations and executive control in healthy participants, patients with frontal lesions and dementia. This project is collecting data from patient groups. [d] Use of mental resources, particularly imagery, in creative activities. (e) The Evolution of Mental Architectures

Key Publications