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    Professor Pradeep Nathan

    University Position
    Honorary Fellow


    I am a clinical pharmacologist with research interests in the neuropharmacology and neural substrates of cognition and emotion and psychiatric and neurological endophenotypes. I use cognitive, functional and molecular neuroimaging techniques (i.e. fMRI, Electrophysiology, PET) to understand where and how neuropharmacological agents modulate cognitive and emotional processes and associated neural networks. I am also interested in the application of these approaches to CNS drug discovery through development of functional biomarkers which might aid in the development of more refined and targeted treatment approaches for cognitive and emotional dysfunction in psychiatric and neurological disorders. I work majority of my time at AstraZeneca as a Senior Drug Development Leader . I am also Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience at Monash University and an Honorary Professor at Kings College, London.

    Key Publications