Professor Roger Hardie

University Position


Phototransduction, TRP channels and Calcium signalling in Drosophila Phototransduction in the fruitfly Drosophila is an important model for G-protein coupled signalling and fascinating in its own right. We study the underlying cellular and molecular machinery using a combination of molecular genetic, physiological and computational approaches. A major interest concerns the mechanisms of activation and regulation of the light-sensitive channels. These are encoded by the trp gene, which is the defining member of the intensively studied TRP ion channel family, with ~30 mammalian isoforms widely implicated in sensory transduction and Ca2+ signalling throughout the body. Other areas of interest include (i) molecular mechanisms of retinal degeneration (ii) a novel class of ligand gated chloride channel directly gated by the photoreceptor neurotransmitter histamine (iii) voltage gated potassium channels (iv) Sodium calcium exchange

Key Publications