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    Dr Saurabh Sonkusare

    University Position
    Research Associate


    I have primarily been trained and worked as a medical doctor (MBBS) with a subsequent PhD in Neurosciences from QIMR Berghofer/The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. I utilise neuroimaging (LFPs, fMRI) and neuromodulation tools (TMS) to understand the functioning of key brain regions, their interactions as well as meso/macroscale brain dynamics. I also specialise in psychophysiological measures (heart rate and skin conductance) and especially facial thermal imaging having developed methods for its analyses. Together these two streams of research form the basis for my investigations on emotions, brain-body communication and interoception. Currently, I am working in the Voon Lab on projects leveraging the unique advantages afforded by LFPs acquired with various task paradigms probing addiction and affect related brain circuits.

    Key Publications