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    Sara De Felice

    University Position
    Research Associate


    Sara is interested in how people learn from and with others. Her work aims at understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms of human learning as it occurs in the real-world. She is particularly interested in naturalistic social interaction and whether/how this support acquisition of new knowledge (as compared to solo-learning). She has conducted work on learner-teacher interaction in a variety of contexts and population, including online and face-to-face, with neurotypical adults and adults with Autistic Spectrum Condition. She is currently extending her work on adolescence, a sensitive period for development of brain networks involved in social cognition, as well as the age when school and peer relationships constitute a central part in people's life. Sara combined fNIRS hyperscanning neuroimaging with physiology and behvaioural measures, as she sees the importance of adopting a multi-modal experimental approach to study (interacting) brains within (interacting) bodies.

    Key Publications