Dr Suzanna Forwood

University Position
Associate Professor


My interest is in cortical learning, and particularly the interaction between learning and perception. Previous work has used animal models and computational models to understand cortical function. I am now looking at human models of learning, within the applied domain of health psychology: the factors surrounding a food presentation that drive its selection. These factors include labelling, descriptions, illustrations, goal-priming, hedonic associations and other factors that alter preference for a given food item, both explicitly and more subliminally.

Key Publications

The Presence of Real Food Usurps Hypothetical Health Value Judgment in Overweight People.

Journal: eNeuro
E-pub date: 1 Aug 2016
Authors: N Medic, H Ziauddeen, SE Forwood, KM Davies, AL Ahern, SA Jebb, TM Marteau, PC Fletcher