Dr Shaline Fazal

University Position
Research Associate


Research into the role of peripheral immune cells in Huntington's disease. A particular focus is on the possible influence that these peripheral immune cells may have on the seeding and propagation of mutant Huntingtin between cells. A patient and disease specific in vitro modelling platform is used, where dermal fibroblasts from patients are directly reprogrammed into neurons (induced neurons). Another aspect of my research focuses on developing in vitro modelling platforms to study Parkinson's disease.

Key Publications

Schwann cells are axo-protective after injury irrespective of myelination status in mouse Schwann cell/neuron cocultures.

Journal: J Cell Sci
E-pub date: 15 Sep 2023
Authors: C Mutschler, SV Fazal, N Schumacher, A Loreto, MP Coleman, P Arthur-Farraj

SARM1 detection in myelinating glia: sarm1/Sarm1 is dispensable for PNS and CNS myelination in zebrafish and mice.

Journal: Front Cell Neurosci
E-pub date: 1 Aug 2023
Authors: SV Fazal, C Mutschler, CZ Chen, M Turmaine, C-Y Chen, Y-P Hsueh, A Ibañez-Grau, A Loreto, A Casillas-Bajo, H Cabedo, RJM Franklin, RA Barker, KR Monk, BJ Steventon, MP Coleman, JA Gomez-Sanchez, P Arthur-Farraj

Changes in the Coding and Non-coding Transcriptome and DNA Methylome that Define the Schwann Cell Repair Phenotype after Nerve Injury.

Journal: Cell Rep
E-pub date: 12 Sep 2017
Authors: PJ Arthur-Farraj, CC Morgan, M Adamowicz, JA Gomez-Sanchez, SV Fazal, A Beucher, B Razzaghi, R Mirsky, KR Jessen, TJ Aitman


Emerging Role of HDACs in Regeneration and Ageing in the Peripheral Nervous System: Repair Schwann Cells as Pivotal Targets.

Journal: Int J Mol Sci
E-pub date: 10 Mar 2022
Authors: JA Gomez-Sanchez, N Patel, F Martirena, SV Fazal, C Mutschler, H Cabedo

Failures of nerve regeneration caused by aging or chronic denervation are rescued by restoring Schwann cell c-Jun

E-pub date: 1 Aug 2020
Authors: LJ Wagstaff, JA Gomez-Sanchez, SV Fazal, GW Otto, AM Kilpatrick, K Michael, LYN Wong, KH Ma, M Turmaine, J Svaren, T Gordon, P Arthur-Farraj, S Velasco-Aviles, H Cabedo, C Benito, R Mirsky, KR Jessen