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    Professor Sarah Hawkins

    University Position


    Trained as a psychologist and acoustic phonetician, I have worked mainly on speech perception, including a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship on acoustic-phonetic contributions to a biologically-plausible theory of how speech is understood. From 2011, I extended my research to music cognition, working on intelligibility of sung texts (often in polyphonic and polytextual settings) and on underpinnings of spontaneous interaction in speech and music. My work emphasises on ecologically appropriate experimental tasks. I do not myself do neuro work, but my interests intersect with those who do.

    Key Publications

    Musical improvisation enhances interpersonal coordination in subsequent conversation: Motor and speech evidence.

    Journal: PLoS One
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2021
    Authors: JP Robledo, S Hawkins, C Cornejo, I Cross, D Party, E Hurtado


    Neural mechanisms underlying valence inferences to sound: The role of the right angular gyrus.

    Journal: Neuropsychologia
    E-pub date: 28 Jul 2017
    Authors: F Bravo, I Cross, S Hawkins, N Gonzalez, J Docampo, C Bruno, EA Stamatakis