Dr Su Metcalfe

University Position
Senior Research Associate


The application of nanotechnology to healthcare - nano-medicine - is now recognised worldwide as a new era in clinical medicine. By loading biocompatible, biodegradable nano-particles with growth factor, and targeting to sites of tissue damage, a synthetic biologically instructive niche can be created to repair tissues in situ, and/or to support cell survival in regenerative cell therapy. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: The nano-therapeutic approach is being used to target 'LIF' to treat MS. LIF is a stem cell growth factor involved in myelin repair and neuroprotection, in addition to being tolerogenic for myelin. These three core properties of LIF provide a potentially curative therapy for early stage MS, whilst providing a valuable adjunct to current DMT used to treat MS. 2013: founded LIF-NanoRx Ltd to deliver LIFNano to patients - see AWARDS: 2014 Global GMSI Prize. 2017 Business Woman of the Year, Judge Business School. 2017 Global Award for NanoMedicine.

Key Publications