Dr Stacey Anne Gould

University Position
Research Associate


I am currently exploring ways to target programmed axon death for therapeutic effect. I study the role of SARM1 activation after a range of physical and neurotoxic triggers, and how subsequent axon degeneration can be prevented using compounds with therapeutic potential. My earlier work in behavioural neuropharmacology focussed on peripheral mechanisms of pain generation and ways to improve preclinical predictability of analgesic efficacy in spontaneous pain assays.

Key Publications


Sarm1 haploinsufficiency or low expression levels after antisense oligonucleotides delay programmed axon degeneration.

Journal: Cell Rep
E-pub date: 14 Dec 2021
Authors: SA Gould, J Gilley, K Ling, P Jafar-Nejad, F Rigo, M Coleman